Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Photography tip for Prom/Ball Pictures.

Okay so since the season for Prom and Balls are now, here is a tip for all those camera wielding people. To reduce blur pictures for that special night

Please please please use the flash on your camera. Even though the color sometimes doesn't fit and red eye and overexposure might occur, you can fix those on the computer.Most likely the environment is in a dark or a not very well lit room.
Most digital cameras these days have that high ISO feature but I have seen pictures still coming out blur. Even if you do so, try to flash when the picture looks blur. So take a test shot first maybe to judge the lighting and how long you and the subjects got to stand still for the camera to finish capturing the moment.

DSLR wielding photographers, if you have that external flash, bounce it. If you don't you can still try to bump the ISO up and widening the Aperature or slowing down the shutter. Around 1/20 would be the most I dare since the place is already dark. There is a trick for bouncing the pop-up flash where you place a card in front of the the flash to bounce it but I haven't tried it before.

The other tip would be to have a spare battery or a FULLY charged one and also an EMPTY memory card.
Have a steady hand.
and shoot like crazy!

Best to have captured different moments than not getting any at all.
If you have a bad picture? Just delete it!

Have fun to all you readers out there!
Hope this helps.



  1. Depending on the size of the event, you might need an extra body. I recommend that one camera has a zoom lens with external flash and another just wide aperture prime lens (ex. 50mm f/1.8).

    Just incase, bring your laptop with a card reader too. So that if you ahve free time, you can start backing up photos into your computer.

    I've been through this before. My memory card corrupted when i got home from an event. Lost about 50 photos (thankfully, it's the last memory card). Since then, always...


  2. Hey ponky!!
    Thanks for the added tip!
    You are right, having an extra body with a prime lens does help and it gets great profiles and yes always backup.