Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Grind My Gears - Punctuality

Personally I think that punctuality shows a lot about people.
Doesn't really matter what kind of personality a person has, they must at least be able to keep to the set time.

Sadly in the country where I am in, people seem to take their own sweet time and when they are late, they would say "Malaysian Timing"
wtf? Just cause you live in Malaysia  doesn't mean you get to have your own timing of your liking.
Need an example?

Events such as wedding dinners. Sure the invitation card would write 7pm, Guest arrival, 8pm dinner begins.
But after going to a few, I would advice you to have an early dinner before arriving. People would only arrive at 8pm and the event starts at 9pm?
Or maybe a more common example, meetings with people. If you are gonna meet someone for work or play, at least be on time.
Even if, and really this is a BIG if, you met with some problems, give the person a call or reschedule the meeting. Don't make whoever it is to wait for 30minutes to an hour standing or sitting at 1 spot.

There is a saying, "When you are early, you are on time. When you are on time, you are late and when you are late, you lose your job".

When I have to wait for people for more than 30 minutes, it grinds my gears.

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