Thursday, December 16, 2010

HELP ADP Annual Ball 2010, Park Royal.

Recently, okay maybe not so recently, HELP ADP had their annual Ball.
Since I was in it and Proms and Balls are such rare occasions, I went for it. Plus I was one of the organizers...
Heck I pray the next thing I help to organize would have less drama behind the scenes.

Anywho, it was a small event. About 100 people but its was a pretty fun event. The company was great. Had some good music. Food was okay. Everyone looked fantastic.
Don't really know what else to say cause the pictures have been up for quite a bit now.
Had a good time. Sorta.

Pictures don't have watermark. *cries*. Laptop has been sent to repair. AGAIN.
Kinda the problem when I didn't buy the mainstream brands. Still BenQ after sales service is pretty good.
Still wish they had a 3 year warranty instead of 1.

All for this update.


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