Monday, October 15, 2012

Zombie Walk Plattsburgh 2012

Hey all!

Sorry for the overly long lack of posting for the past many many many months. As some of you may know, I'm currently studying overseas and well I'm pretty much in a small town where nothing much really actually happens.

Anyways back to the post, its currently Zombie Walk month, where people dress as zombies and they walk around in groups just to have some fun. Yes apparently its fun. Not putting my camera to waste, I went out there with my camera. Will just tell you some tips on how I snapped some of the pics.

*Wide angle lens preferably
*External flash with diffuser
*A whole lot of running.

Set the camera to manual Mode. I used ISO 1000, Shutter was set at 1/100 but it will change based on the amount of light available, Aperature at f8 and the flash was set at half power. I only decided to play around with the flash and shutter as I felt that it was easier that way and faster too. Flash head was pointed towards the people obviously.

That's pretty much it. Have fun!

Just remember that since you are looking out for zombies, having normal looking parents or people walking in your picture would make it look out of place.

Very sorry about the picture placing. Blogger changed and I'm not very sure about the new layout.

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Thank you!

Signing off,


  1. Hi good to see you back, and wow the people look so good and scary in the Photos.

    Hope you are enjoying your time abroad, make the most of it while you can. thanks for posting always good to see what you are up to.

    Regards John

  2. Hi John! Omg thank you so much for still dropping by! Yes definitely will try to blog more again.
    Have just been swamped with studies lately but will try to squeeze some time for blogging.

    Glad that you like the pictures!
    Thanks again for still following!