Monday, October 22, 2012

My SteelSeries Siberia USB Soundcard Review

Finally another review! Well technically its not even a new product but screw that I bought it and so I want to write about it.
I have to admit I never actually had any problems with my laptop's soundcard but the audiophile in me took over and tadaaa the usb soundcard.


  • 7.1 virtual surround sound - Awesome for movies. LOTR and Matrix. Just sounded amazing!
  • small, sturdy and lightweight
  • Wire is fairly long - good for gamers at computer cafes. 
  • Volume control & Mute buttons on it.

  • It's incredibly loud - Yes this can be a problem as well. Volume at 1 and its still loud on my headphones. So you have to go through the trouble of turning every application volume down.
  • Sometimes the connection between the wire and the card comes off pretty easily. Could be a Pro or a Con. 

I actually really like the soundcard. It adds more fullness to sounds and definitely more bass for those bass heavy songs. Playing games with it is a hell lot more creepier since you hear stuff behind you while running around and movie watching is just a total blast!

Is it worth the price of it? Pretty sure it's not but heck if you watch a lot of movies on your laptop then this could be one of those experience enhancing devices.

I Rate Thee - 7/10

No Matter how much I like it, I still think it's pretty overpriced.

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