Friday, May 31, 2013

The Third Parent

Growing up is always tough, doesn’t matter of what gender, race or social class you are. I know I had a pretty rough time. But here is the thing, our parents didn’t have the privilege of the internet. We do fortunately. Coming from an Asian family, kind of open country and just the curiosity of growing up, I have discovered that whatever my parents did not talk to me about, whatever school did not teach me about, I would eventually learn from either friends or the internet. I know where some of you are going with this. I won’t deny not looking it up. Anyways, at the end of the day I would have learned what I wanted to. The friend part wasn't a very good idea either. Just imagine all bullshit your friends would tell you. So I turned towards the internet and that was how I met my third parent. From basic remedies to social skills, basic facts to reference page guides. it seemed that this parent knew it all. Of course some of the information was pretty off, but heck look at how much faith people put into Wikipedia. I recently heard from a talk show of how some celebrity took to the internet on how to care for her newly born child. Well I guess, I have more siblings than I expected from this one parent. Now I wouldn't say this is the best parent, since as we all know, clicking the wrong thing would just cause us to have viruses. 

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