Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Samsung Launches Smart TV

Only hours ago, Samsung launched their newest line of TV screens which are called the SMART TV.

What is a smart TV?
For Samsung it is not just for watching movies. Samsung has come up with a TV that can be used for watching movies, view objects in your phone or laptop, be connected to other Samsung devices and it can be played with. Want to watch your show while checking Twitter or Facebook? Sure why not.  Whether you are a LED fan or a Plasma tv fan, fret not as Samsung has released both types of tv to suit your every need.

At the launching there was the D8000 Series, D7000 Series, D5000 Series and the D4000 Series. The prices and specs would be higher as the number gets bigger. Obviously the D8000 Series caught my eye the most.

Let me have a quick run through of some of its features,

  • 5mm brushed metal bezel
  • 800HZ with improved LED backlight
  • True to life 2D, 3D and HD images
  • Micro dimming feature which gives richer colours and lifelike pictures.
  • Built in WIFI (a,b,g,n), Samsung Smart Hub and Samsung's One Foot Connection technology.
  • Comes Samsung's new 3D glasses

At the launching, Samsung Malaysia's Managing Director, Mr. Yu Jai Sul and Badminton World No.1 Lee Chong Wei, Samsung Brand Ambassador, participated in the opening and launching for the Smart TV Series.

As the products and technology of the items are still pretty new, prices are a little on the higher side, But I would say give it some time and it would definitely be affordable. 

The launch was followed by a SNSD 3D experience video. *awestruck*
I want a 9 screen tv in my room too *drools*

That's all for now. 
Will update the Samsung Monitor soon, sorry for the delay!



  1. Cool pics, and thanks for the information.

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  4. I really wanted to purchase a smart TV from Samsung. They really make those new technology really cool. I can't wait to try one out in the stores.